The results of the season are:

Team Name Games Played Won Lost League Points Points For Points Against Points Diff League Postiion
Devizes 1 12 12 0 36 534 361 173 1
Devizes 2 12 1 11 7 330 517 -187 5
Salisbury 12 5 7 20 439 438 1 3
Bath 5 3 2 11 98 89 9 4
Wootten Bassett 8 7 1 22 283 159 124 2
Clane 5 0 5 1 52 172 -120 6


All points have been added from each fixture to decide the finishing position within the league, so every point counts.  If you wish to see exactly who scored how many points in each individual game, please contact me and I will send you the spreadsheet.  There is way too much information to put here.

Points are awarded; 3 for a win, 1 if you score minimum 50% of the winning score.  If teams are tied on points then points difference is then considered to determine placings.

Congratulation to Devizes 1 who have this year won the leage.  Congratulations also go to Wootten Bassett for coming second and Salisbury in third place this year.  It was unfortunate that not all clubs were able to field a team for each fixutre.

As I have handed in my notice as League Organiser for Ladies and Juniors this will be my final communications to the clubs.  Thank you for the past 2 years, it has in the main been an enjoyable experience, unfortunately I have to now step back and allow others the chance to get stuck in.  Long may the league continue.


Ladies and Juniors 2008/09


Contact Details


 Club Representatives

Wootten Bassett - Jodie Pearn

Devizes - Matt Stevens

Melksham - Su Brennand

Salisbury - Sarah Newstead

Calne - Jenny Boorman

Bath - Donna Cunningham



 Devizes 2 Team; Ashleigh Ward,  Rachel Draper,  Jodie Amor, Robyn Sayers, William Sandell, Eshier Scmidtt, Jonny Scmidtt, Holly Marshall


Calne Comets;  Maria Astley,  Mel Ferris,  Katy Oliver, Amber Garrett,  Amy Clifford,  Harriet Colburn,  Bethany Ferris.


Salisbury Bluestones:  Sarah Newstead, Jane Brough, Kathy Metcalfe, Karen Locke, Rio Cook, Emma Cole, Kristina Rossmeissl, Lynsay Scratchley

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