Held at Devizes, Hare and Hounds Public House

Wednesday 30th January 2013 at 19:00


1)     Present

Cliff Ball                                  Chair                                       Calne

Paul Rainey                            Secretary                                Olympiad

Richard Howells                      Mixed League                         Wootton Bassett

Su Brennand                           Junior Development (Boys)    Melksham

Neil Bentley                             Competition Secretary            Calne

Richard Morten                                                                       Calne

Hans Kaashoek                                                                      Devizes

Jorg Steimer                                                                           Wootton Bassett

John Bird                                                                                 Salisbury

Matthew Vanstone                                                                  Erlestoke


2)    Apologies

Serena Morten                        Treasurer                                Calne

Sarah Newstead                     Ladies Development               Devizes

Matt Stevens                           Junior Development (Girls)    Devizes

Irwin Aiken                              Beach Development               Wootton Bassett

Jenny Boorman                      Child Welfare Officer              Calne

Steve Grimes                                                                          Mavericks

Barry Jenner                                                                           MOD Corsham

Mike.Wedekind                                                                       Trowbridge





3)     Minutes of Previous Meeting

a)      Everyone accepted the minutes as a true account of the General Meeting held on 14th November 2012.


4)     Matters Arising

a)      Can the bonus points be added in near real time so that position in league can be seen?  Clubs should consider if the results approval should generate bonus points, points deducted if not approved or no points for the next AGM.  It was discussed if the league point for winning should be classed as a bonus point or not.

Action – Richard Howells to review the league standing table  to see if an extra column can be added for bonus points and feedback.

b)    There is a course Safeguarding in sport which costs around £25 and takes around 3 – 4 hours.

Action – All clubs to advise Jenny Boorman of the name of the clubs Child Welfare Officer.

c)    It was requested that there be a single page for player registrations as it was a number of years ago as it makes it easier to view all players.

Action – Richard Howells to review the format of the registered players table and feedback.

d)      Junior League

Action – Andrew Wescombe to suggest a date/ format for a trail junior tournament in the new year.

e)    Denise Austin (SW beach development officer) is to organise/ co-ordinate junior beach in the south west.  She will set up a training camp at Bournemouth indoor beach.

Action – Cliff Ball to send Irwin Aiken an email.

f)       Official communications

Some clubs have a different contact requirement for official notifications (e.g. club secretary) as opposed to team contact which is renewed each season for league fixtures.  It was thought that a list should be generated for the distribution of meeting minutes and other official communication.

Action – Cliff Ball to send email for verification of club contacts for official notifications.


5)     Executive Officers’ Reports

Treasurers Report

See Appendix A

a)    Treasurers Report

i)      See Appendix A.

ii)     Excess money paid by Melksham was for the mixed league team, not for the ladies and juniors.

b)    Child Welfare Report

i)      No issues to report.

c)    W VA League Report

i)   No issue to report and everything running well.  Attempted to get everything together before Christmas but there were still some outstanding scoresheets.  Bonus points are not being added until the scoresheet has been verified as correct.

d)    Ladies and Juniors Report

i)      See Appendix B.

ii)     Salisbury apologised for not getting a team into the Christmas Cup

e)    Competitions Secretary Report

i)      Three of the four matches in the second round of the Dave Kinder cup have been played with the remaining match scheduled for next Monday. I have not yet updated the WVA web site with the second round results but I should get that done this week. The draw for the semi-finals will be done straight after the remaining second round match has been completed. I am considering holding the final at Stonar School but the viability is still being investigated.

ii)     Thanks to Richard Morten, the end-of-season tournament has been booked for Saturday 18 May at the Christie Miller Sports Centre in Melksham.

Action –If there are any donations for the raffle, these should be given to Richard Morten.

Action –Richard Morten to get tickets out to clubs to sell.

iii)    We are still investigating where the presentation evening can be held that evening. More details will be sent out to affiliated clubs when we have a venue booked.

iv)   People are still looking to do a Junior Event but nothing has been organised yet.

Action – Cliff Ball to talk to Andrew Wescombe to see if an U17 tournament could be arranged.  (Richard Morten may be able to help).

f)     Junior Boys Development Report

i)      A couple of boys from the WVA have been training for SW regional’s.  Training has been from September at 1 per month.  Selection should have been done for regional’s in January but they are holding out due to numbers.  Players are being selected to play for the cadets which precludes them from playing in the regional’s. An email was sent to all junior club coaches in the area to invite them to the regional training program with the next training 16th February at Exeter Riverside Centre.

g)    Junior Girls Development Report

i)      There is good representation from both Devizes and Swindon at the regional training sessions with 3 girls from Swindon and 5 from Devizes. All girls have been selected for the remaining training sessions with March / April being the final decision for selection to the Inter-Regional’s.

The ladies and junior league saw a number or juniors from Calne, Devizes, Swindon and Melksham take part in the last 2 league and cup meetings. Hopefully this can continue, although Su has fed back some comments about the tournament via email re: Melksham girls when she couldn’t attend and unfortunately they did not enter the last round.

As a county I think we need to start working together as clubs to re-develop the Wiltshire Mavericks or decide on what direction as a county we want to take the Wiltshire Mavericks (if at all). Entries for the U15s SW Championships have been received for this coming weekend and a Calne / Melksham team and two team from Wiltshire Mavericks (combined from Swindon and Devizes) have entered. I think we need to start communicating a little more between clubs and junior reps so as a county we can put forward our strongest teams and then perhaps enter and ‘A’ and ‘B’ team.

Andrew Wescombe from Calne suggested a junior 6-a-side league and I proposed we looked at trying to run a Wiltshire Mini’s tournament (U14 down, 3 a side) and then support and channel the juniors into the Ladies and Junior league. Perhaps soon we need to arrange a meeting of all clubs with juniors so we can formula a plan, otherwise as a country we could well get left behind other clubs and counties, with an aim of starting this next season.

On a side note, I was in the Ukraine for a week with the England Junior (U17s) squad at the European Championships between the 2nd-8th January. The experience of assistant coaching a national team at a European tournament was fantastic. Now the hard work begins for next year’s tournament so we can improve further!!

Action – Matt Stevens/ Su Brennand to liaise with WVA Club  junior reps so that all juniors have the same chance to play in junior competitions and know what teams are being put in for different tournaments.

h)    Beach Development Report

i)      TBA

i)     Mavericks Men Report

i)      The NVL team has been doing well.  The team was in 4th place prior to playing the 2nd and 3rd place teams and winning both matches.  This moved the team up to 2nd place.  After playing the top of the league and loosing, the team stayed in 2nd place.  The top 2 teams go up a division.

ii)     The SW team has 23 registered players but struggles to get a 6 players for the matches.  Thanks must go to James Morten for organising the team especially as they have not had to muss a single fixture.  There is a possibility that some of the Salisbury players may be interested in playing in future matches.


6)     Club Round Up

a)      Melksham – 12 – 18 seniors train each week and 10 - 12 juniors.  Premier league team have now won a match against Olympiad.  Help is required for refereeing and suggest that a ref course is done in the area (12 people are required for the course to run).

b)      Erlestoke – 6 – 9 players at training of which 3 are staff.  With the Olympics an increase of people at training has been seen.  The team has now got new kit but have no numbers on the shirts yet.  If there are any over 18 teams that would like to do a friendly match they would be welcome.  Payment issues are being resolved.

i)      Due to the nature of the club, there was a unanimous vote that Erlestoke would only have to pay for up to 12 players during 1 season.

c)      Corsham – Have been training since September with initially only 3 but now the numbers are up to more than 10.  The players are all adult beginners and are looking to have their first game in February and entering the league next season.  Any team looking for friendly matches would be welcome.  The team train in a new hall with excellent facilities and new net and posts.

d)      Salisbury – 23 adults are at training.  The club also has 14 juniors which has been started in the last 4 months.  The club is involved in Sportivate and could have 30 people come for 8 weeks.  Due to the numbers the club is looking to have a 2nd training night.  John Postance is working with 2 schools to bring on new players.

i)      Salisbury Tournament will be 11/12 August and will be of a different format to last year.  Information for this and for the club will be available on a new website.

e)      Devizes – All is going well. A number of players are competing with Devizes, Team Bath and Wiltshire Mavericks which is great.

U16 girls through to the 2nd round of National Cup.

Won DK Cup 2nd(?) round.

League fixtures all going ok and to schedule.

Have been asked to reduce our court time on Thursdays to accommodate football and are in discussions with the school about not giving our time up!

An after school club has been set up at DAPS primary school for one term with one of the teacher running the sessions.

After school club at Lavington attendance varies between 10 and 30 U12-U14!!

f)       Olympiad – Numbers are currently done on the last few months due to work commitments.  The club is doing OK in the leaguebut could be doing a bit better.  Between 6 and 9 players turning up at training each week.  And next round of the Dave Kinder Cup to be played 11/2.

g)      Calne – We have entered a combined U15 girls team with Melksham into the National Championships, although the first joint training session had to be cancelled due to the snow.
We are in the process of agreeing a sports link with John Bentley School in Calne with a plan to run regular training sessions there on a Saturday morning which will be open to local school children from Year 6 and above.
We are getting good attendance at our adult training sessions with 15 to 22 players at every session this season. Our juniors have dipped partly because some of the older juniors have now started training with the adults. We hope the link with John Bentley School will help to increase numbers at our own training junior sessions to compensate.
Finally we were delighted that our ladies team won two matches at the last ladies and juniors tournament of 2012 having come last for quite some time.

h)      Wootton Bassett – Doing OK in league and training.  Training on Sundays is now 4 hours.

i)       Trowbridge  - It is believed that some fees are due for the Dave Kinder cup which will all be paid as required. Friendly games most welcome, as the keener players are trying to start an extra session on top of the Saturday morning.


7)     AOB

a)      Steve Spurlock – Vice Chair – see Appendix C

i)      A vote of thanks to Steve Spurlock from everyone in the WVA and committee  for all of his effort over the past years.  Proposed Richard Morten seconded Neil Bentley.

b)      Rule Changes – There are a number of wording changes coming into the rules for next season.  Of these there are 2 main rule changes.  The implication and reffing of these rules will be clarified closer to the beginning of the season.

i)      The overhead pass on service reception will become a double touch fault.

ii)     Discipline – If the captain has to be called over a team yellow card will be issued.  The second time the captain is called over a red card will be given to the person.  The next violation is a red and yellow card which sends the person off court and then red and yellow separate sends them out of the hall.

c)      Match Officials – Club Responsibiliies are to ensure that there are sufficient officials for the game.

d)    Club financial matters

Action – Cliff Ball said that he would look into a possible amendment ot the constitution.

e)    WVA – the way forward to be discussed at the next meeting.

f)     There is an U15 tournament at 10:30 on Saturday.  6 teams in the SW region.

g)      Sarah Newstead has previously run a scoring course and would be willing to run another.

h)    Su Brennand mentioned that Mike Wedekind is now playing for Melksham but is cup tied to Trowbridge for the Dave Kinder Cup.

i)      John Bird raised the issue of the accident that happened last season and the discussion concluded that the Volleyball England insurance is basically a 3rd party insurance.  A CICA insurance may have covered more.


8)     Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 27th March 2013

Meeting closed 21:25



Appendix A.

Treasurer’s Report






 Appendix B

WVA Ladies and Juniors League Report – January 2013


To date there have been 4 Ladies and Juniors league fixtures. One in September, two in November and the most recent one in January which incorporated the Christmas cup.


There was a really good turn out for the Christmas Cup with 5 teams in attendance – Calne, Devizes (times 2) R.W. Bassett and Wiltshire Mavericks Boys. The fixture was run as per usual (everyone plays everyone) with an added final between the 2 teams who scored the most points during the day. The final was played between Devizes A and Wiltshire Mavericks Boys. It was a really good match and of a good standard (I’m not just saying that because I played in it!). The boys certainly gave us girls a hard time but we pulled through to win 25-22, 7-4 (the final was timed sets - 25 minutes).

Medals were presented to both teams by Matt Stevens who was coaching 3 teams at one stage during the day! He was coaching Wiltshire Mavericks Boys as Kelly has been very poorly and was unable to stay all day. We’d all like to wish her a speedy recovery. Devizes A noted that the only match they lost was when Matt was coaching them (I say no more…..!). All scores can be found on the WVA website in the L&J section.

Devizes A with Gold medals










Wiltshire Mavericks Boys with Silver medals



League points were awarded for the pool matches (but not the final), so the standings are as follows:



Matches won

Matches lost

Complete sets won

Incomplete sets won

Total number of points

League position

Devizes A














Devizes B







 Wiltshire Mavericks Boys














 Royal Wootton Bassett















I was very impressed with the turnout at the weekend and really hope that the same number of teams, if not more, will come to the 2 remaining fixtures. There is no February fixture but the dates of the next ones are:

Saturday 16th March 2013 and Saturday 27th April 2013.


Many thanks to all those who continue to support this league by entering teams and playing. I’d also like to thank Matt for sorting out the hall and all his support and enthusiasm.


Appendix C

Letter from Steve Spurlock – Vice Chair




I have anguished over writing this e-mail for some time now, but have now put finger to keys, so to speak (pen to paper seems so out of date doesn’t it ?).


As you know, I have been struggling with a problematic ankle for the past year or more, and despite surgery followed by intensive physio, pilates and podiatric treatment I am still not walking without some pain in my right foot.  I am therefore resigned to the fact that my competitive volleyball days are now over mainly due to the fact that I have psoriatic arthritis in my ankle, some osteo arthritis due to 40 plus years of competitive sport (basically wear and tear due to many years playing rugby followed by twenty years of volleyball).  In addition I have plantar fasciitis due to a collapsed arch in the foot, so all in all its not going to let me play volleyball any time soon.


As I may have mentioned previously we have also just been taken over at work and I am currently trying to relocate the business amongst all my other duties, and this will take a good proportion of my time in the short and medium term.  It is therefore with a heavy heart that I have made the decision to no longer take an active part in the wonderful sport of volleyball.  I have had many years of playing to a good standard and met many wonderful people, and more latterly have coached and been active with the WVA.  I cast my mind back many years ago and remember how kind the WVA were in accepting Bath Volleyball Club into the association and we enjoyed some wonderful times and no small amount of success in leagues, cups and tournaments (thanks in no small measure it must be said by some half decent European cousins!). I have not trained or coached with Aquae Sulis now for the best part of a year and although I keep in touch from time to time I feel it is now time to hang up my trainers.  I know the obvious reaction is always, stay as a coach, be an administrator, but the truth of the matter is that I am a competitive person by nature and for me that would be like asking an alcoholic to run a pub !  If I cannot be involved on the playing side I would struggle to remain interested and cannot do the clipboard coaching role favoured by some.  I know that the club still trains every Monday but have heard nothing to suggest that they have any intention of entering the leagues in the future, albeit some of the ladies have strong ties with other clubs with regards to the South West league etc.


I am therefore tendering my resignation from the WVA committee with immediate effect, and would ask that you read this e-mail out to Wednesday’s meeting mainly to reiterate my thanks for the help you have all given Aquae Sulis VC over the years, and the friendship that has been extended by all clubs to the team and to me personally.  Similarly I would like to thank each and every one of you at committee for the friendship extended to me, and for the passion and time that you give to the sport that we all know and love.


I wish you all the very best for the future and hope that our paths cross from time to time, when I can always be counted on to buy you a drink !


Kind regards

Steve Spurlock

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