2007/8 Chairman's Report
Annual Report 2007/2008 – WVA Co-Chair
  1. This has been a year of the normal positives but unfortunately a few negatives. We have had a successful Mixed League and Ladies & Junior League, three tournaments and a knock-out cup. On the down side we lost a well established club, Westbury, at the beginning of the season and a new club, Intel, during the season. The WVA web site is also defunct which means information is not readily available as before.
  1. The loss of Westbury should concern us all. A combination of lack of administrators and fewer players made Westbury non-viable financially and with no-one prepared to assist with the running of the club it folded. We should all be continually encouraging new players and getting people involved with the running of our clubs. To be fair this probably doesn’t apply to those attending the WVA AGM!
  1. The Wiltshire Mavericks continue to develop with the Ladies fielding two teams, one in the SW League and one in the National League. The Men’s team in the SW League came a very credible second and have entered the NVL next season. Care must be taken to continue encouraging young people (and others from Wiltshire) to train and participate in the senior squads. Junior teams are continuing to compete at national level although most of the players, if not all, are from just two clubs; Devizes and Melksham.
  1. The next paragraph is more or less identical to last year (and the year before) but still very relevant and very true. Volleyball in Wiltshire doesn’t just happen. Volleyball ‘happens’ because a small band of people work hard to organise at all levels - coaching, refereeing, managing and administering at club level, and taking on responsibilities and organising at Association level. I think it is appropriate to thank all club officials for working hard within their clubs for volleyball. At the Association level, I could just name all the Executive officers because all have continued to contribute tremendously to keep this Association performing, most in addition to club responsibilities; thanks to all of you for your work.
  1. The year ahead is going to be tough. The Mixed League will probably need some restructuring and we have some vacancies within the Association that must be filled for the WVA to function.
  1. Finally, last year I had intended to resign but the resignation of Jacky Kaskow at short notice made it difficult. This year I have little choice – the Olympics are calling! My involvement with officiating and organising officials is taking more and more of my time, and until the Olympics are over in 2012 or I win the lottery and retire then I need to give up my involvement with the WVA.
Richard Morten
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